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Kraft Paper Bags


Paper bags are modern classics, that garnered popularity for being organic and versatile in nature. Our 100% sustainable kraft paper bags have been one of our highly valued products. Owing to the increasing environmental consciousness amongst the brands and the consumers, paper carrier bags have gained momentous presence in the packaging industry.  

Customarily, we manufacture unparalleled quality products by engaging the best-in-class GARANT TRIUMPH 5 QT, block bottom bag making machine. Followed by the LINAFLEX NL flexographic inline printer which brings about exquisite finesse to the product. Reputably introduced to the market by WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER, a world market leader in printing, converting and extrusion machines for the packaging industry. Consistent development by GARANT and the use of SERVO technology has led to a reduction in set-up times of up to 50% on format changes in comparison to other block bottom bag machines.

The machine is popular across the world due to its high speed & ultra precision production lines combined with simplified operation which is ideal for the production of large-format block bottom bags and carrier bags.

The format range offered by TRIUMPH 5QT are as follows,

Bag width:        180 – 460 mm

Bottom width:   70 – 230 mm

Cut-off length:  360 – 770 mm

Roll width:          up to 1370 mm

Roll diameter:    up to 1300 mm

LINAFLEX NL flexo inline printing presses endowed with perfectly coordinated coating and lamination systems could turn any package into an ambassador of the brand. As many as 6 color decks can be used as per the designer’s motive of choice and printed onto the packaging with superior print quality & vibrancy. Format range;

Printing decks:  up to 6

Printing width:  700/900/1070/1200/1400 mm

Repeat length:  250 – 850 mm

Machine output speed:  300 mts/min