Prompt Barrier Films – Manufacturers of 3,5 &7 Layer Nylon/EVOH Barrier UHT Films

Edible Oil Packaging

Across the world different varieties of edible oils are consumed, generally depending on the regional preferences and availability. Its critical that the packaging material is customized for each oil type be it refined, unrefined, olive, gingely, sunflower, groundnut etc. since each strain reacts differently and is prone to spoilage when exposed to oxygen, moisture, heat and light. In order to meet the above demands our analysts’ have specially formulated 7 layer co-extruded nylon based barrier films customized for each oil type that are non-toxic /compatible, forms impassable barrier to oxygen, moisture, heat & light, retains aroma, extends shelf life, possess excellent hot tack & heat seal strength, high burst strength, high gloss, vibrant printability & excellent machinability.