Prompt Barrier Films – Manufacturers of 3,5 &7 Layer Nylon/EVOH Barrier UHT Films

FMCG Packaging

An ideal flexible packaging is vital to the FMCG market as it is an essential element in proper positioning of the product. Most popular choice of this segment being ultra clear glossy film, 2 ply & 3 ply lamination grade film with highly attractive printability quotient. In recent times, along with lamination grade films, 3 & 7 layer barrier films with impeccable printing finesse achieved by adopting CI flexographic printing technology have gained traction in the FMCG market. Vital factors that our barrier film fulfills are;

  • Extreme Resistance to Oxygen, Moisture, Heat & Light
  • Superior Gloss, Lustre & Transparency
  • Ability to Reseal
  • Ability to Extend Product Life
  • Extended Shelf Life
  • Anti-Microbial 
  • Ensures Safety & Hygiene
  • Vibrant Printability
  • Excellent Machinability

Barrier films also find application as peelable lidding films which are widely used by super markets, restaurants & E-commerce food delivery platforms for sealing perishables in order to ensure safety and hygiene during transport, delivery and consumption.