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UHT Packaging Films

The 7 layer EVOH barrier film is a highly engineered specialized film suitable for aseptic packaging of Ultra High Temperature treated milk and similar products such as flavoured lassi, sauces, baby foods, yoghurt, fruit juices & concentrates etc.

Our exclusive clientele of UHT milk packaging films includes; Amul Moti UHT milk, Vijaya Vajra UHT milk and Nandini Trupti UHT milk. We have consistently been their trusted suppliers till date.

The multiple benefits that come with such an advanced barrier film are as follows; 

  • Excellent tensile strength, burst strength & puncture resistance
  • Impassable barrier to oxygen, moisture, heat, UV light
  • Extends shelf life up to 90 days for UHT milk & up to several months for other food products.
  • Retains the nutritional value of the product
  • Preserves maximum flavour, taste & aroma
  • Very less product wastage due to design flexibility of EVOH film
  • Highly energy saving as no post packing refrigeration required at any time
  • Wider distribution network achieved since no cold chain is involved. Thus transport friendly and ideal for exports.
  • Cost effective & convenient to transport than tetra pack
  • Light weight, leak proof, water proof & recyclable

Undoubtedly the UHT film is a very futuristic & innovative solution to liquid based consumables from the flexible packaging industry. 

Amul Milk