Prompt Barrier Films – Manufacturers of 3,5 &7 Layer Nylon/EVOH Barrier UHT Films

Quality Control Measures

At Prompt we perfectly understand that in order to establish long standing relationship with clients its critical that we practice rigorous set of quality control measures that are intended to ensure the manufactured product adheres to a definite set of quality criteria and befits customer expectation every single time. Our decade long association with popular brands, awards & accolades stand testimony to the same.

Aspects like tensile strength, compressive strength of materials, impact strength, co-efficient of friction, film opacity, gloss, melt flow index, printing ink density and suitable scaling parameters of the film are tried, tested & determined at this stage.

Owing to such extensive steps taken to uphold maximal quality standards, our clients can be rest assured that their product is in safe hands. 

Enlisted below are the set of quality control instruments our products are tested with; 

    • UTM (The Universal Testing Machine)
    • Dart Impact Tester
    • COF Tester
    • Digital Opacity Tester
    • Gloss Meter
    • Melt Flow Index Tester
    • Nylon Layer Tester
    • Heat Sealer Machine
    • Laboratory Oven
    • Stack Load Tester
    • Spectro Densitometer