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Eco-friendly Bags

The 100% Compostable (PLA blends/ Corn starch) & biodegradable bags cum products manufacturing wing holds special to us. Our 100% compostable bags are manufactured using Bio-flex granules certified by TÜV Austria and EN 13432 compliant, are imported from FKUR, Germany, Specialists in innovative bioplastics technology.

Eager to encourage innovations in flexible packaging field, we instantly lapped up the organically recyclable plastics developed by them. The products’ complete decomposition within 180 days when buried and simultaneous retention of soil fertility was further attested by ISO 17088 certification, CPCB certificate No. B-17011/7/PWM(COMP)/2019(UMFVPL) and CIPET Test #58585 approval granted to our manufacturing plant by the Govt. of India.

Since then our compostable products have been gaining presence in FMCG & hospitality sector in the form of carry bags, food packaging pouches and wrapping sheets in grocery stores & restaurants. Also as Biohazard bags & garbage bags in medical field, hotels and households respectively.

The soil fertility retention factor has drawn the attention of agriculture sector where compostable sheets are used for packing coco peat, manure & organic fertilizers. And finally the aesthetically appealing quality of multi-colour printed compostable carry bags is well suited for branding & marketing purposes of all our clients from the B2C industry.

Apart from corn starch bags we also manufacture the popularly used Oxo-Biodegradable bags. The most premium ‘Reverte’ brand oxo-biodegradable additives imported from Wells Plastics Ltd, UK is used in producing all our Oxo-Biodegradable products.

Perceiving a steady rise in environmentally conscious consumer behaviour, we sense huge market potential for compostable products in the coming years.