Prompt Barrier Films – Manufacturers of 3,5 &7 Layer Nylon/EVOH Barrier UHT Films

Heavy Duty Films


One of the prominent applications of heavy duty films are bulk bag liners for industrial purpose. The 7 layer barrier film with EVOH core liners are largely used as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) liners, bag in box liners and drum liners. They serve the crucial purpose of adding strength to outer container which can be used for both dry and liquid commodity packaging. Followed by storing & transportation. Our 7 layer EVOH Liner keeps the interior humidity, atmosphere and hygiene conditions of the packed commodity intact and protects it against grime, moisture, oxygen, UV light and other reactants.

  • Offers greater strength to the outer container
  • High-caliber puncture resistance
  • Superior gas and moisture barrier
  • Extends products’ life from months to few years.
  •  Excellent heat seal strength despite muck, grease and oil contaminated surfaces
  • Ability to handle high temperature variations 
  • Aseptic production line
  • Transport worthy
  •  Highly customizable  

Technical Specification:

    • 3 layer liners up to 2800 mm
    • Nylone /Evoh based liners from 1600 mm to 2000 mm
    • Available either as sealed or unsealed.

The mechanical & impact resistance are the key features increasing the demand for heavy duty films which finds applications in packing mulch, wood products, sand & aggregates, fertilizers, decorative stones among various other products.